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Isaiah 53

Scripture: from verse 9

…He had done no violence, and there was no deceit in His mouth.

Observation:  This chapter is a very famous prophecy of Yeshua’s death and our redemption – so famous that I didn’t really want to cover it.  But this verse struck me.

I’ve been annoyed lately.  Not about anything especially dramatic, but annoyed.  And it makes it clear how un-docile I am.  There are too many times that I want to slap someone, or shake someone, or yell at them.  I use far too much hyperbole in my thoughts.  No one I know truly resembles Lady Catherine de Bourgh, or the Spanish Inquisition, or any of the other things I am tempted to compare them to.

Hyperbole isn’t always deceitful, of course, but I think it can be when it is used to wound or shock.  And while I may not be acting on my impulses, I can’t deny that they are there.

Thankfully, in God’s eyes I have taken on the identity of Yeshua.  And there was no violence in Him, and no deceit.  He has given me a new spirit, which is free of annoyance and anger and even hyperbole.  I don’t really know how to walk in that yet, but at least I know I’m forgiven.

Application:  Watch your thoughts.  Thank God you’re forgiven.

Prayer:  Yeshua, I praise you because there was no violence and no deceit in you.  I praise you because you were able to love these people, even when they frustrated me.  Thank you for forgiving them and for forgiving me.  Help me to see them like you do.  Amen.


Isaiah 41:17-29

Scripture: verse 18

I will open rivers on the bare heights…

Observation:  God is promising to meet His people’s needs: when the poor are without water, they will call on Him and He will create abundant water for them.

I sometimes wonder how God would change His messages for people from different cultures.  I frequently get words for people about sitting in God’s sunshine, but would that change to shade or a cool breeze if I prayed for someone from Africa?  I haven’t prayed for enough people from tropical climates to know, but it seems likely.

The point is that God already has abundant provision for us.  All we have to do is ask.

Application:  Ask for what you need.

Prayer:  Father, I praise you because you put the reserves of water in the Earth, and you know where they are and you can shape them and direct them in any way you want.  You can sculpt my climate to be exactly what I need.  Thank you for providing for me.  Help me to ask you when I need things instead of just worrying.  Amen.

Isaiah 12

Scripture: verse 3

Then you will joyfully draw water
from the springs of salvation.

Observation:  When we turn to the Lord, we rejoice, saying that God makes us confident and unafraid and that He “has become” our salvation.  We draw water (life, refreshment, energy, sustenance) from the wells of salvation.

The question, of course, is why we weren’t drawing water from the springs of salvation before that.  God doesn’t change.  He was there all along, and His salvation was there all along.  The water was available, and the water was necessary – we just weren’t drinking it.

I’m quite certain that there are places in my life that need God’s water and aren’t getting it.  Places where I still think I know best, or where another source seems easier, or where I’ve just forgotten that God cares and has life for me.  Blind spots.  I need to ask God to show them to me, so I can get them watered.

Application:  Turn to the Lord.  Ask Him for water.

Prayer:  Yeshua, thank you for loving me.  Thank you for providing the springs of salvation, so I can live and grow.  Help me to see the places of my life where I am ignoring your provision, and help me to turn to you for help.  Amen.

Leviticus 1:10-17

Scripture: from verse 13

He is to wash the entrails and lower parts of the legs with water

Observation: Speaking of burnt offerings here: the offering (sheep in this section, bird in the next few verses) was to be slaughtered, the blood drained onto the sides of the alter, and then it was to be cleaned before being burned.  The yucky parts of the sheep got washed with water, and the bird’s crop was to be removed.

Now, obviously you would do this to animals you were going to eat, but it’s kinda weird to do this to a sacrifice when it’s just going to be burned to ash anyway.  It’s not like God will be sickened by a little dirt.

So possibly it’s for the benefit of the person bringing the offering, to continue to be involved in each step of the process.  He doesn’t leave it all to the priest, but continues to prepare the sacrifice himself.  Just like Yeshua is our sacrifice, but we continue to work with Him to enter into God’s grace.

(Or, possibly, it was for more practical reasons – could there be anything that would make people sick if it got into the smoke?  I doubt it, but it’s possible.)

Application: Don’t assume your job is done once you’ve accepted His sacrifice.  There’s still a lot of cleaning to be done.

Prayer: Yeshua, thank you for cleaning me.  Thank you for sacrificing yourself for me even when I’m covered in mud and worse.  Help me to stay under your waterfall of forgiveness.  Amen.