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Leviticus 23:23-44

Scripture: from verse 41

 You are to observe the feast to Adonai; it is a permanent regulation, generation after generation…

Observation:  My family tends to be big on traditions.  My mom is really good at instituting them, in part because she found that one big Tradition was usually less work than trying to figure out multiple smaller iterations.  And I like traditions.  Well, I like the traditions we make up.  I tend to get cranky about traditions that come from outside our immediate family.  *Those* are the boring kind 🙂

But traditions change and shift over time, adapting to new people and new circumstances.  And that’s why God didn’t create traditions.  He created regulations.

God doesn’t change over time.  He’s outside of it.  And He doesn’t shift for new people and new circumstances.  He’s far too big for that.

So when He creates a feast meant to remind us about who He is, He doesn’t leave it to the flux and flow of tradition.  He requires it, as a permanent thing.

God is who He is, no matter who or where you are.  He is still the God who saves us, who leads us through every trouble and rejoices with us in every victory.  He still knows where you are and what you need.

Generation to generation, God has protected and nurtured and redeemed us.  And generation to generation, we remember who He is and worship Him for it.

Application:  Don’t get caught up in traditions, which can change and should change.  Spend time with God, who is unchanging.

Prayer: Father, thank you for providing a solid rock for us to build our lives on.  Help me to keep going back to you when I need help seeing.  Amen.