Isaiah 42:1-13

Scripture: from verses 6 and 7

I will give you as a covenant for the people,
    a light for the nations…
to bring out the prisoners…who sit in darkness.

Observation:  God is telling Israel that He called them and took them and shaped them to a covenant for the rest of the world, to bring light and freedom to those who are trapped.

I haven’t the faintest idea how a people (or a person) can be a covenant.  A covenant is an agreement or a promise, neither of which is easily embodied in human form.  But if we are both the sign of the covenant and one of the tools used to fulfill it, I guess that’s close enough?

So this is our calling: to create freedom and light where there was neither.  To wield the power of God to do what He has promised.

I’m taking a social psychology class online, and one of the assignments is to spend a day being as compassionate as possible.  The whole assignment has been bugging me, because many of the professor’s forms of compassion seem to be paralyzing: eating vegetarian and avoiding televised sports, violent movies, and sexist music.  This is the flipside of compassion: going to war in the spirit on behalf of others, and breaking what traps them in darkness.

God is a powerful God.  I don’t have to sit and worry, because I am called to go to war.

Application:  Pray for others – bring them before God so that He can free them.

Prayer:  Father, I praise you for being strong enough to give me your strength.  I praise you for being light in the darkness and bringing freedom to captives.  Help me to work alongside you.  Amen.

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