Isaiah 14:18-32

Scripture: verse 32

And what is one to answer
the messengers of the nation?
That Adonai founded Zion,
and there the poor of his people will find refuge.

Observation:  We have switched from the doom of Babylon to the doom of the Philistines.  They aren’t all that different, apparently.  The prophet is warning them not to assume they’re in the clear because the current king of Israel has died.  Once God decides a nation is His enemy, they are pretty doomed no matter what happens.

But God will always be a refuge for those who need Him.  Even in the middle of dealing out death and destruction, God remembers to provide for His people.  The poor and weak and needy get food and comfort and strength, because God is big enough to care for them in the midst of battle.

God is big enough to be both Father and Mother to us.  (I’m not trying to get into a discussion of God’s gender here, or about human gender roles.  I’m just trying to get the right image.)  He’s big enough to fight and win.  He’s big enough to work and create and make things grow.  And He’s big enough to love and nourish and comfort and teach.  All at the same time, without getting confused or distracted or letting the emotions from one activity bleed into the others.

I tend to think of God as having a huge brain – tracking all the raindrops and holding the universe together and so on.  But His heart is just as huge and just as able to take care of me.

Application:  Trust Him to be what you need, when you need it.

Prayer:  Father, forgive me for underestimating you.  I’m sure I’m still doing it, of course, but thank you for helping me get a bigger and clearer idea of you as I learn.  Help me to trust you with my heart, and to run to you for shelter.  Amen.


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