Isaiah 13:11-22

Scripture: from verse 12

I will make humans rarer than gold…

Observation:  Doom, doom, death and destruction.  More wrath of God against evil and wicked people.  This in particular is for Babylon, but that’s just a detail.

What struck me here is that it is a promise of vengeance and destruction, but also of value.  Humans aren’t being dumped like so much garbage.  They’ll be decimated, but not because they are worthless.  They still have value to God, and in fact the ones who choose Him are so much more valuable because they are rare.

One of the Greco-Roman gods would have just blasted the place by now.  The old Mesopotamian gods would have abandoned it to famine and starvation.  But the God of the Bible values human life, and even when He is in the process of wiping out large chunks of a sinful and wicked population, He still values them.

Application:  God hasn’t forgotten you.  You are as valuable as gold.

Prayer:  Father, thank you for valuing me.  Thank you for seeing the worth in me when I cannot see it in myself.  Help me to follow you and give your light to others.  Amen.


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