Isaiah 13:1-10

Scripture: verse 3

I have ordered My holy ones,
summoned My heroes, eager and bold,
to execute My anger.

Observation:  This prophecy is of the doom of Babylon, which is to be punished for…actually we haven’t gotten that far yet, but presumably pride and godlessness and the other things that nations usually got punished for.

I mostly like the imagery of this – the glory and power and might of God’s army, called to war.  It needs sweeping music and rioting colors and lots of drums and trumpets and preferably an unusual time signature.  (Hero is the one who points out time signatures to me, and we’ve noticed they are common in particularly rousing movie scores.)

We think of war and punishment and God’s anger as bad things.  And certainly it is a bad thing that people are hurt and die.  But God is good and glorious and loving and beautiful, and that means His anger has to be good and glorious and loving and beautiful.  He is always Himself.

Application:  Don’t really have one.  Look for God’s beauty, I guess?

Prayer:  Father, I praise you, for you are yourself.  You are powerful and awesome and beautiful and stirring, and there is no part of you that is not those things.  Help me to recognize you and respond to you.  Amen.


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