Isaiah 10:18-34

Scripture: verse 25

For in but a little while, My fury will end;
and My anger will have destroyed them.”

Observation:  Israel was being Israel, so God manipulated the Assyrians into attacking Israel as a form of discipline.  But Assyria, being Assyria, figured they were in charge and they could annihilate Israel if they wanted.  God is telling Israel not to be afraid of Assyria, because He wouldn’t be angry for long now that Israel is relying on Him again, and His anger would destroy Assyria before it ended.

This isn’t really in line with my understanding of how things should work, I admit.  I’m not particularly bothered about all the people who died in the process – God and I have already been through that and I think I kinda get how it works – but this seems like a really weird way of handling anger.

After all, I wouldn’t discipline my child through a third party.  And while I might blame the third party for getting out of hand, I wouldn’t forgive one person I was mad at and destroy the other.  Well, I don’t think I would.

I don’t really get why God did this the way He did.  One part – and it’s a big part – is that Israel turned to the Lord and Assyria did not.  Presumably God would not have destroyed them if they’d stopped attacking Israel.

But I know that the Lord is a strong tower, and those who run to Him are safe (Proverbs 18:10).  I have to trust Him to make the call that will protect us.

Application:  Trust God to protect you, even when you know you’ve messed up.  He still loves you.

Prayer:  Father, thank you for forgiving me when I turn away from you.  Help me to rely on you as I should.  Thank you for protecting me.  Amen.


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