Isaiah 2:1-11

Scripture: from verse 2

…the mountain of Adonai’s house
will be established as the most important mountain.

Observation:  This is speaking of the days to come, when God’s glory will be clear to everyone, and everyone will go to Him.  Mountains and hills were generally places of worship in biblical times, so the prophet may be referring to the community or structure of the worship of the Lord rather than a literal mountain, but that isn’t terribly important.

I mostly loved the imagery here, to be honest.  I love mountains – the strength of them and the coolness and the quiet and the wind and the clear view and the feeling that you’re actually accomplishing something as you hike up.  And I like translating that to worship: the feeling of God’s huge implacable strength, the inner quiet that finally allows me to really listen, the currents of God’s Spirit and the clear perspective and the mixed work and joy of knowing God.  It’s just peaceful.  I love it.

Application:  Um.  Yeah, no idea here.  Learn to worship, I guess.

Prayer:  Father, I love you.  I love coming to your mountain.  Help me climb to you.  Amen.


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