Colossians 4:1-5

Scripture: verse 2

Keep persisting in prayer, staying alert in it and being thankful.

Observation:  The Bible tells us to keep praying over and over again.  Which isn’t unreasonable, given that it is our main form of communication with the Maker or the Universe.

But staying alert in prayer seems a little different.  I’m not certain what it means, to be honest.  It implies activity and arousal and expectation.  That nor only should we constantly be praying, but we should also be constantly paying attention to our prayers.  Constantly looking for things to pray about, and constantly listening carefully for God to speak or guide or point His finger.

I’ve found I can learn a lot by praying.  As I pray, God prompts me to pray in a specific way or over a specific aspect.  Usually I can’t get it out of my head until I’ve prayed for it.  After I’m done, half the time I realize that I hadn’t considered that element important before, or hadn’t even realized it was there.  I didn’t know my friend was worried about an upcoming wedding until I prayed for her to be at peace.  (I don’t think she did either!)  I didn’t realize how jealous I was of my sister until I was praying about it.  God uses our prayers to give us new information, if we’re willing to let Him.

I’m still learning about this.  Sometimes I push too hard and fool myself, or I get scared and get stuck.  But I keep going.  God is good.

Application:  Pray about everything, especially whatever you’re thinking about.  Let God push your prayers around.

Prayer:  Father, thank you for hearing my prayers.  Thank you for giving me a line of open communication.  Help me to listen to your prompting as I pray, and to use the knowledge I gain to better love people.  Amen.

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