Colossians 1:6-10

Scripture: from verses 9 and 10

We ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will…so that you may live lives worthy of the Lord and entirely pleasing to him, being fruitful in every good work and multiplying in the full knowledge of God.

Observation:  “Be fruitful and multiply” was the first commandment given to humans: God told Adam and Eve to have children and fill the earth.  That command is echoed here, with a twist.  Instead of merely having children and expanding the population, the call is for spiritual growth which expands and strengthens the kingdom of God.

A kingdom is where people do the will of the King.  We can’t expand the kingdom of God is we don’t know what His will is.  So we ask God to show it to us.  Every good work and everything we learn about God and how things work in the spiritual realm stems from learning what God wants.

Application:  Seek God’s will and do it.  Strengthen the kingdom.

Prayer:  Holy Spirit, help me to know God’s will and follow it.  Help me to bring light and life to your kingdom.  Help me to multiply in the knowledge of God.  Amen.


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