Leviticus 27:1-21

Scripture: verse 8

If the person is too poor to be evaluated, set him before the priest, who will assign him a value in keeping with the means of the person who made the vow.

Observation:  Apparently sometimes people promised to give God the value of a specific person.  I’m not really sure why you would do this, but that’s not my problem.  The passage sets out the standard value of a person by gender and age, and ends with this verse, saying that if the value of the person doesn’t match the standard value, the priest gets to examine the person and assign them a value.

I think the reminder here is that everyone has value.  Someone who was blind or crippled did not typically have the earning power of someone healthy, but that didn’t make them worthless to God.

Application:  Look for the value in others.  God sees it, after all.

Prayer:  Yeshua, thank you for coming to the poor and the blind and the sinners.  Thank you for bringing healing to those who need it.  Help me to see others the way you do.  Amen.


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