Leviticus 19:1-18

Scripture: from verse 13

…you are not to keep back the wages of a hired worker all night until morning.

Observation: The passage is about being nice and fair to each other: don’t prank the blind person, don’t lie to each other, give to charity, that sort of thing.

I liked this one because it’s such a little thing.  You aren’t refusing to pay the worker.  You’re just delaying it by a few hours.  I would guess that for most people that wasn’t usually a big deal.  (If nothing else, most of the foods required long preparation, so families weren’t expecting the money received in the evening to pay for dinner.)  But it might be a big deal, some of the time.  It might make life easier.  It might let him sleep better, without the worry of whether the boss will decide not to pay up in the morning.

I love that God noticed these details.  He isn’t just a God for the rich and privileged.  He’s a God who sees the working man and knows his concerns.

Application:  See the working man, I guess.  None of us are very good at putting ourselves in others’ shoes, and it’s awfully easy to look down on those who are not as successful as we are.  But if God cares about people, we should too.

Prayer:  Yeshua, thank you for coming to the people who needed you, not just to the people who looked nice and took baths.  Help me to see where I need to be generous to others.  Amen.


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