Leviticus 14:33-57

Scripture: verse 36

The cohen (priest) is to order the house emptied before he goes in to inspect the infection, so that everything in the house won’t be made unclean; afterwards, the cohen is to enter and inspect the house.

Observation:  We now turn to the laws for an infected house.  Houses can’t get leprosy, so this was probably some sort of mildew or mold.  And it was a royal pain if your house was infected, because you had to empty it and live elsewhere while it was quarantined and eventually might have to build an entirely new house.

It seems to me that the only way to put up with some of these Laws was to hold material possessions very lightly.  You couldn’t attach emotion to clothes or pots or houses or anything else that might become unclean and need to be destroyed.  The more stuff you had, the more inconvenient these laws were.

In Matthew, Yeshua talks about throwing away even very precious and important things if doing so will help you stay closer to God (Matthew 5:29-30.)  I think God was pushing His people to hold things lightly, so they could spend more time talking to Him.

I have plenty of stuff.  Probably more than I need.  And I’m very grateful that Yeshua’s death has cleaned my house as well as me and obviated the need for me to empty my house and show it to a priest every time I find something suspicious.  But I do have to remember that God needs to be the center of my life, and that includes the way I use my stuff.

Application:  God is more important than stuff.  Period, end of statement.  He needs to be at the center of our spending habits and our hobbies and our daily routine.

Prayer:  Yeshua, thank you for making my stuff clean.  Help me to use it to glorify you.  Amen.

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