Leviticus 13:29-59

Scripture: verse 40

If a man’s hair has fallen from his scalp, he is bald; but he is clean.

Observation:  We’re still in the skin disease section, detailing what infections and changes do and don’t render people unclean.  And in the middle of it comes the case of hair falling out, which renders one bald, but still clean.

And it’s refreshing in the middle of endless discussion of sickness and contagion and God’s wrath to have a reminder that we’re still human.  Not every misfortune is a manifestation of God’s wrath or a big problem.  Sometimes we’re just still human and still living in a fallen world, in bodies that don’t quite work the way God originally intended.

We all have stuff happen that’s embarrassing or awkward or irritating.  It’s nice to know that it doesn’t make God feel that way.  He loves us anyway.

Application:  Relax.  God doesn’t see our failings the way we do.  He’s beyond time, after all, so it’s not like getting old (or sick, or depressed, or whatever) changes anything from His perspective.

Prayer:  Father, thank you for loving me even in my most human moment.  Help me to see myself the way you do.  Amen.


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