Leviticus 11:1-23

Scripture: verse 20

All winged swarming creatures that go on all fours are a detestable thing for you…

Observation: Lore Sjoberg once commented that he likes the simpler classifications given in Leviticus: “Does it fly? Does it creep? It’s a flying , creeping thing, don’t eat it, end of story.”  Simple enough.

Although even in Leviticus there are exceptions to the rules, since locusts and grasshoppers are explicitly excluded from this law in the next verse.  Not that I’m likely to eat crickets (every so often my father gets enthusiastic about tasting freeze-dried or candied crickets for some reason, but I’ve never yet participated) but it’s nice to know I could do so without breaking the eating laws.

Life is complicated.  There’s never one rule that applies in all situations.  There’s no way to encompass the whole of human experience in simple, easy-to-understand terms.  And God knows life is complicated, and that’s why His rules are complicated sometimes.  God sees the complexity even more clearly than we do.

I think that’s why God promises to write His law on our hearts (Jer 31:33).  Because He knows we can’t keep track of it all.  So He makes His word and integral part of our spirits, so that we can ask Him any time we need to.

Application:  Always assume the situation is more complicated than it looks.  Ask God for guidance, because He’s the only one who can see the whole picture.

Prayer:  Father, I praise you for knowing the summation of every series and the integral of every function.  Thank you for seeing life as it truly is so that I don’t have to.  Please guide me as I walk forward, since I’m blind to most of what you can see so clearly.  Amen.


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