Leviticus 7:1-21

Scripture: verse 8

The priest who offers someone’s burnt offering will possess the hide of the burnt offering which he has offered.

Observation:  This is, of course, partly a matter of practicality: the burnt offerings get skinned and the hide has to go somewhere, so it goes to the priest who did the skinning.

When Adam and Eve sinned, they realized they were naked.  And though God had to withdraw much of His protection and blessing from them, He did give them clothes made from animal skins.  He was still their father, and He was still willing and wanting to cover them.

God is giving the priest a source of income by giving them the hides of these animals, but He’s also giving them a chance to participate in His work.  He’s giving them the ability to cover and shelter those who have no covering or shelter.

Which leads us on to Yeshua, of course, who is both priest and sacrifice.  And who loves us enough to give up His own skin to cover us.

We don’t have to be alone anymore.

Application:  Accept His covering.  Accept His love.  The sacrifice part already happened, after all, so it seems kinda silly not to take it.  (Well, it already happened in our timeline.  Yeshua probably doesn’t see time the same way we do.)  And pass it on, when you can.

Prayer:  Yeshua, thank you for being my covering.  Thank you for keeping me safe and warm and sheltered.  Help me to share your love with others.  Amen.

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