Leviticus 4:19-35

Scripture: verse 22

When a leader sins and inadvertently does something against any of the laws of Adonai concerning things which should not be done, he is guilty

Observation: This verse is repeated multiple times in chapter four, with a different person identified each time. It applies to all of us: if we break God’s law by accident, we are still guilty.

“It was just a mistake.” “Regrettable decisions were made.” We try to gloss over our wrong choices, and we see our leaders do the same thing. But glossing over it doesn’t make it go away. It was still wrong.

But when we finally stop making excuses and rationalizations, there is a way to make it go away. We can’t ignore our sins, but we can be forgiven for them. Leviticus details the sacrifices that needed to be made. In our case, Yeshua is our sacrifice, and the forgiveness is freely available as soon as we give up and admit we need it.

It’s wasn’t just a mistake. It was a big deal. But, more to the point, it wasn’t me. Not anymore. Yeshua took my sins as His own. God has wiped the slate clean and forgotten that I ever did any such thing (Hebrews 8:12 and Isaiah 43:25). It wasn’t me.

Application: Admit that your sins are just that: sin. Not little mistakes, not what everyone does, not no big deal. Once you know you can’t be perfect under your own power, you can accept that you are perfect under God.

Prayer: Yeshua, thank you for taking my sins. Thank you for taking responsibility for all my mistakes and slips and confusion. Thank you for making me perfect.


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