Leviticus 2:9-16

Scripture: verse 13

You are to season every grain offering of yours with salt – do not omit from your grain offering the salt of the covenant with your God

Observation: As we established yesterday, the grain offering was a form of worship – thanksgiving for the good things that God has given us.  This is a reminder that we are also to be grateful for the greatest gift He has given us: the ability to be in unity with Him.

That phrase, of course, is a recurring theme in Ephesians.  Unity with God means that we have grace and confidence and a purpose and a calling.  It means we don’t have to rely on our own strength to do things well.  It means we are not alone.

So in the midst of enjoying the good things that God has given us, we are to use it as a reminder of His offered blessing.  Unity with God allows us greater and deeper enjoyment of our food and our homes and our tasks, because we are no longer bound to the darkness.

Application:  Remember God’s grace.  Enjoy the world around you, and allow your joy to remind you of the greater joys He has offered.

Prayer: Yeshua, thank you for making unity with you possible.  Thank you for loving me enough to ensure my long-term joy as well as the goodness of creation.  Thank you for not leaving me by myself.  Amen.

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